The New Forest National Park

All the ponies, donkeys and cattle found on the New Forest are wild in the sense that they can roam free but in fact, New Forest Commoners own them all. It is the animals grazing which helps to keep the New Forest's landscape that you see and enjoy today.

Grazing  Cattle  

These animals are all loved and much attention and care goes into how they live.

Many of our guests will travel through the New Forest to come to the island, we hope that you will enjoy the beauty of this wonderful landscape.


We stress the essential need to drive carefully
Abide by the speed limits, Do not feed the animals, Do not fuss the animals

Both feeding and fussing the animals encourages them nearer the roads, which are a danger to them.


Many animals have been killed by cars and lorries travelling too fast in the forest

PLEASE do not become one of these drivers.

A very dear friend lost her beloved young pony on 7 August 2021 by a car hitting and killing him. He was only 4 years old and lived with his mother and uncles & aunties in their own little herd living that free life but what dangers come with the life of freedom. My friend is heartbroken.


This should never happen to any animal or any owner.

Nelly and Juna

Nelly and Juma , how happy they looked with their life of freedom that was so sadly taken away.


Be extra careful when foals are by the roadside they can be very uncertain as to what they will do next.

My friend , Sarah, and the New Forest Commoners have worked so very hard and almost ( to date) 70000 people have now signed the petition to Save Animal Lives on The New Forest and it is hoped that Average Speed Cameras will be installed on some roads but the BIGGEST point is that we all drive CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY. Sadly, Juma is one of many who have lost their lives.