We are pleased to be able to welcome our friends and guests back to The Hermitage. As many of you are aware we have been mainly closed since March 2020 due to our strict COVID procedures. After much thought and taking into account the state of the virus in the UK we have decided to open again on 17th May 2021 , as allowed by Government ruling. Whilst we still wish to welcome our guests here in our friendly, homely manner there will of course be some new measures in place.


All guest must have had both of their COVID vaccinations AND THEIR BOOSTER JAB before staying at The Hermitage please.
We ask that all guests take a lateral flow test before arriving.
Guests, or anyone in their household, who have tested positive to COVID in the 10 days prior to their stay or have any symptoms will be required to contact us and reschedule their stay.
We reserve the right to cancel any reservations should we or any of our household test positive to COVID or have any symptoms.
All public areas will be regularly sanitized, especially door handles, light switches and hand rails.

Checking In.

When checking in we will expect all guests to use the hand sanitizer at the front door before entering.
We will greet you, adhering to the 2m social distancing rule and with yourselves and ourselves wearing masks ( unless medically exempt).
Guests must wear face coverings in all public areas of the hotel.
Keys to rooms will be in the door, having been previously sanitized.
All rooms will have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, as required, since previous guests.

Checking Out

On checking out we again ask you to observe the 2m rule and wear a face covering, payment by card is accepted, please use the sanitizer next to the card machine, the card machine will be sanitized after each use.
Payment prior to departure via BAC is preferred.


Please use the hand sanitizer on entering the dining room.
We will regularly wash our hands ( as normal) and wear a mask whilst serving your breakfast.
Guests are to wear a face covering when entering and leaving the dining room.
We will continue to offer our full Hermitage cooked breakfast.
Cereals, grapefruit, prunes, preserves & fruit juices will be served as requested but we can no longer offer self- service approach to these items.
Your table will be ready for you set with your room number, all tables will have been cleaned, sanitized and reset prior to your arrival. Please only use your own table.
Chairs will have been sprayed with sanitizer after each use.
All cutlery and crockery is thoroughly washed and returned to the dining room.

Guest Bedrooms

We will continue to clean our rooms thoroughly after each stay with added precautions in place.
All bed linen, mattress protector and pillow protectors will be washed using extra sanitizing liquid.
All soft furnishings and curtains will be sprayed with sanitizer. All surfaces will be sanitized.
All tea/coffee facilities will be thoroughly cleansed.
The Information Booklet will have ben sanitized.
The room keys will be sanitized and placed in the door ready for each new guest.
Please DO NOT remove mattress or pillow protectors, these must stay in place and are washed after each guest departs.
We ask that guests make their own beds during their stay and wash out their mugs as our daily servicing of rooms during your stay will be limited.


We have left all our bookcases in place and ask that if you wish to look at a book that you use the hand sanitizer on the bookcase and wipes are also available to wipe any book before you replace it on the shelf.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are positioned at the front door, the breakfast room, the reception desk and on the bookcases.
Please DO NOT remove them as they are there for the health and safety of us all.

We will provide a small hand sanitizer and small packet of sanitizing wipes per room for your own use.

Please Remember

Please wear a face covering and observe the 2m social distancing rule whilst in all public areas of the hotel.
Please use hand sanitizer each time you come back into the hotel.

The Future

We look forward to the time when we can return to our more ´┐Żnormal´┐Ż operating system without all these necessary precautions. We are not being unfriendly just very careful. So please help us to keep you and ourselves safe by maintaining COVID responsibility whilst away from the hotel and whilst mixing in the community.